I have thought about posting here for months, but I was finally motivated to do it by this post from Chris McCann. A few weeks back we had coffee and a lively conversation about the subject of sustainability. The conversation brought up some nagging issues I’ve been trying to work through recently. Namely, how do I square my talent management consulting with my passion for building a sustainable world?

Over the past year I’ve become deeply involved in the sustainability movement, a return to my roots, really. And with each passing day the gap between my “work” and my passion has grown wider.

This is one of the major reasons I’ve been finding it so difficult to write here. Every time I started a post about traditional recruiting/talent management dilemmas I ended up trying to respond from a traditional corporate capitalist perspective, and every time the content rang false. A traditional corporate capitalist I am not. But I have been acting like one for a number of reasons, bifurcating my professional and personal identities to avoid the inescapable clash of cultures and philosophies. In retrospect none of those reasons seem compelling, but they may have been necessary for me to get here.

And here is where I stand now, firmly embracing my personal convictions as they relate to business in general and “talent management” in particular. The time for a new approach is come. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go water my garden.


One thought on “Origami

  1. Well said Samson, and thank you for the compliments.

    I feel the business community shouldn’t be holding back their sustainability ideas and perspective in order to keep-up a separate “corporate capitalist” persona. The only way our society will be able to move into a new sustainable revolution is if business, society, and governments embrace these new ideas together in a way that’s mutually benificial for all.

    We can’t do it alone.

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