Email, twitter, rss feeds, facebook, youtube…the internet is artificially inducing ADD…

…I didn’t use to spend hours flitting from one piece of irrelevant datum to another like a hummingbird looking for its next sugar high…

…a new email. My eyes flit to the growl notification as it ghosts onto the screen, my mind quickly assess whether it’s important or unnecessary. If it’s not, I move back to my original task….

…but I’m already lost. My mind has begun to wander. Perhaps the email reminded me of another task I had planned, or perhaps the title inspired me to twitter something, or perhaps, perhaps…

…and I have work to do. Real work. Things that take time and quiet and a high level of concentration. Things that are meaningful and profound and important…

…yet I stray again, my fingers hit keyboard shortcuts of their own volition, and before I realize it I’m reading the daily email from the NYT, clicking on interesting links, and being enveloped by information, my brain sating itself on the novel, the controversial, the humorous, the grotesque…

…no more! I must reassert control of my attention span; I will not allow my free will to be subverted by the smooth, cool grays and attractive, rounded edges of firefox, netnewswire, or apple mail; I will be master of my day and my destiny.

Starting now.


4 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. I have no control over this stuff and I can only imagine what I could be doing right now….okay, not curing cancer but maybe reading a good book, God Forbid

    • Samson

      Thanks. I’ve tried this before and had limited success. I feel like I’m yo-yo dieting. Now I just need to eat the right portions and exercise consistently.

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