Chances and choices


Any chance you’d still be willing to coach?  I have been unable to replace you as of yet.

I pause. I’ve already said I don’t have the time to coach soccer. I’m far too busy at work. I’ve mentioned it to Denette many times. Yet I can feel my chest tighten when I read the words in the email. I can feel them pressing against my paper thin excuse, and I realize its fragility. Why, then, have I built it up to be something solid?

Why indeed. I have a chance to spend precious time with my son. I have the unique privilege of teaching the team some pretty important social, personal, and physical skills. And I love it. My excuse is feeling downright lame.

When I look out over the lengthening panorama of my time with Logan, I realize that there will not be many more chances to spend this time—this unique time—with him. So I have a choice to make. A choice that no longer even feels like a choice.


Thank you for your input

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