Logan took his first solo bus ride from Everett to Seattle today. He was meeting me at my work and we were driving to Parkour Visions to go climb on stuff together.

Denette said he was almost in tears as he sat in his seat and waited for the bus to leave. Just as it was pulling away he tried to get out.

I was a bundle of nerves myself, which was why I was there thirty minutes early, standing at the stop, waiting for the bus to arrive. A 512 had passed just as I walked up and I had the sudden fear that his bus was really early. Visions raced through my head of him lost in Seattle and me trying desperately to find him.

When the next 512 arrived ten minutes later I spotted him standing with two other passengers. As the doors opened he hesitated, double-checking himself. Then he walked off and looked around.

As soon as he spotted me he relaxed and smiled.

“How’d it go?” I asked.

“Oh, you know, it was fine,” he said with a shrug.


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