First time


On my first day back at work after starting this new “producer” methodology, and I’m realizing how much work it might be to produce consistently. Especially if I want to produce something of passing quality. These words have to have value to me if I’m to produce them for others to read. This highlights that struggle I have with quantity and quality: the two features should not be exclusive, but I don’t know that I have the focus to be able to produce both at the same time.

This quandary won’t stop me from writing in here, however. Actually, the whole experiment will provide a great lens for reflecting back on whether I was able to produce anything of reasonable quality while I focused primarily on quantity.

My theory is that by focusing on production, I will force myself to write and my instinct for quality won’t allow me to publish something unless it’s actually worth reading.

Or I will find out very quickly that I have zero instinct for quality.


Thank you for your input

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