Practicing determination



Logan is not a fan of baseball.

I signed him up this year because he seemed interested last year. Not so, he tells me. Definitely not.

Still, like it or not, he will play the rest of the season and make every practice. Which has very little to do with instilling in him a love of baseball and everything to do with teaching him about the core values of commitment, determination, and doing your best no matter what. These values will also make him a better player, which could result in him enjoying baseball, which would be fine with me but it is not my primary goal.

Definitely not.


2 thoughts on “Practicing determination

  1. Sean Breslin

    Good choice on your part…it will teach him important lessons and make him a better kid as a result. Everyone needs to learn the lessons taught on the baseball field.

    • Samson

      Thanks! To me the vehicle for the important lessons is immaterial (could have been baseball, could have been soccer, etc.), but the application is crucial. His commitment to himself and to his teammates is really what counts; if he ends up enjoying baseball at the end, all the better.

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