Observations from a bus – 1


Testing the bus out today. In my new role I will have the opportunity to ride the bus (and by extension write about it) several times a week.

I really do prefer public transportation. The fact that someone else is driving and I can instead focus on working/writing/thinking/daydreaming is, well, awesome.

On top of that I’ve just immediately gained back about 3.5 hours of my life every day. My commute to Renton by car takes anywhere from an hour on a really good day to two hours on a nasty, brutish everyonedecidedtodrivesouthatthesametime day.

What will I do with the extra time? See above. And when I get home I will be intellectually free to play with my kids and really pay attention to my beautiful wife. Assuming I stay disciplined at work and don’t overcommit myself. And assuming a whole host of other factors that will require my discipline and focus.

In other words, we’ll see.


Thank you for your input

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