Having less can be derived from wanting less


Right now in our culture we generally consider having less to mean not having enough. With being poor, usually. We also think having less is not a voluntary act. If someone has less it is because she or he is somehow less than x (successful, motivated, lucky, choose your own hackneyed illogic).

Having less can actually be the result of wanting less. Wanting and having less can be a voluntary act.

Ironically, wanting less is viewed through our cultural lens in much the same way as having less. Someone who wants less must be less x (ambitious, motivated, American, etc.).

Having less and wanting less does not ipso facto indicate a deficiency. It may well indicate a more balanced philosophical approach, one that is virtually absent from our current cultural vocabulary.

Do you want less than others? Do you have less as a result of a conscious choice? What do you have less of and why? What are the potential consequences of having or wanting less?


Thank you for your input

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