The Everyday Minimalist | Priorities are not easy things to pin down


The 5-Step Plan to getting things done

  1. Pick one goal, such as getting out of debt. Don’t focus on 50 goals at once.
  2. Think about what it takes to achieve the goal, in steps: Budget, Track Expenses, Cut Back.
  3. Throughout the day and week, keep your goal at the back of your mind
  4. Blog about it. Tell a friend. Print the goal and paste it on your fridge. Be accountable!
  5. Keep track of what you are doing, and reward yourself when you reach milestones.

I’ve read these steps many times before, but they carry so much more weight when coming from someone who has achieved significant goals. The weight of Serena’s credibility carries me forward in my own goal-setting.

via The Everyday Minimalist | Living with less, but only the best.


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