Sleep Cycle/Pandora Workaround


This is an ubergeek post. Those who know me know that in addition to my predilection for physical and philosophical challenges, I’m also an inveterate Machead/technology freak. With that disclaimer out of the way, I want to share a little workaround I found that makes me very happy. And probably only me.

I like to listen to music as I drift off to sleep. No, not my typical music, but a meditative, relaxing, zen-inducing mix that I’ve created on Pandora.

I’ve also been using Sleep Cycle on my iPhone for over a year. It’s a very smart little app that tracks my sleep patterns and actually wakes me on my wake cycle, as opposed to shocking me out of a dead sleep. (It also does a great job of showing me how little sleep I’m getting).

The trouble was a) Pandora has really annoying ads that pop me right out of my zen/slipping-of-to-dreamland state, and b) I would have to wake up anyway to deactivate Pandora/activate Sleep Cycle and then try to go back to sleep.

The solution came to me after I read an article about how cell signals were definitely affecting my brain. Well, I thought, from now on I’m setting my iPhone to Airplane Mode at night.


Turns out Pandora caches at least a song’s worth of data in RAM, which means that when I switch to Airplane Mode, I’ve got about 5 minutes of music remaining. So my new routine is to switch on Airplane Mode, activate Sleep Cycle, and drift off to sleep knowing that I don’t have to wake up until Sleep Cycle brings on the surf and the pan flutes in the morning. Problem solved. Next, world hunger.



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