Enter the sun


With the promise of a beautiful, sunny weekend, I decided to take the kids out to do a little hiking and exploring in the foothills out by Index. Miguel, the dad of one of my Cub Scouts, recommended Eagle Lake. It sounded awesome. And it was.


What we hadn’t counted on was the 4 inches of freshly-fallen snow, which truncated the hike due to frozen toes and fingers. We made it about 3/4 of the 2.3 miles to the lake.

Once we were back at the cars, Kaia told me, “I don’t think I’ll come her again, dad. I don’t have the rights clothes.” I promised her that the next trip up here would be in the dead of summer.

The views, however, were astonishing.

On the way back down, the three of us stopped by the Skykomish river to check it out.

It was there that Logan’s staff found him. It’s a beauty.


I found one, too, though mine took a bit more digging around in the detritus. Now that all three of us have our hiking staffs, we’re 100% ready for the outdoors.


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