Me. Unfragmented.


I should start off by saying that this particular post is mostly for me. And it’s all about me. I’ve made it a public declaration because social pressure is a wonderful motivator. If I know you know, then I’m much more likely to do whatever it is I said I would do. Okay, now that we’re clear on that, on to my declaration.

I’ve been here before. Through the years I’ve struggled with how to maintain my many personas (dad, husband, writer, philosopher, careerist, creative madman). I’ve tried several different options, including a pseudonymous blog, as well as various permutations of work, personal, and special-interest blogs (and Twitter accounts). At one point I was trying to maintain four blogs and three twitter accounts. At the time it made perfect sense. In hindsight, it was just plain stupid. What’s more, it didn’t even work. Mostly because I have a very hard time separating myself from my self to the extent necessary to make it work.

Plus, that’s a LOT of blogging, tweeting, and general maintenance. A lot.

But it really came down to authenticity. I just can’t write about topics using only part of myself. It always felt so artificial, so forced.

So I’m done with that. For good. This will be my blog now, and everything I feel like writing about will go here. From work, to writing, to philosophy, to family, I will post what strikes me as interesting or noteworthy. One rule-bender: I will occasionally cross-post on Hole in the Fence, the blog I started with my mom—and which she now maintains, bless her. That project is both noteworthy and worthwhile.

On a side note, I can’t believe how relaxed and energized I feel since I made the decision to consolidate. One twitter account. One blog. One offline writing project. And an explosion of creativity and drive. Now I just need the discipline to stay focused.

To that end, I’m off to put the little ones to sleep and do some writing. Wish me luck. About the new focus part, not the putting the kids to bed part. I’ve got that down like science. Except when I fall asleep (which is about half the time). Then I…what? I’m stalling? Okay, okay, I’m going. Sheesh. Slavedriver.


5 thoughts on “Me. Unfragmented.

  1. mom

    p.s. Could I just give you one piece of mom advise in your quest to stay focused? When you ‘think’ or ‘feel’ you are losing your focus and don’t know what to do — Follow your Heart. I promise you your heart will never mislead you. It never loses focus. It always knows the right thing to do and the right place to go. Always. Trust me dear heart I know this to be true.

    Listening to your heart, especially for a creative, logical, practical, thinker, writer, philosopher such as yourself, is not always an easy thing to do because you tend to be mostly in editor mode. Editor mode has it’s place. It is the critical, logical manifestation of yourself that wants to be right and in charge. It is a jealous lover whose sole intent and purpose is to keep you in a constant state of confusion with endless dialogue. “Picky, picky, me, me.” That’s the sound an editor makes. Heart is patient, loyal and your best friend. It knows your deepest, darkest, happiest, bestest secrets and loves you unconditionally.

    STOP in the name of love. LOOK with your hands. LISTEN to your heart.

    Are you listening to me? Are you rolling your eyes? I can seeeeeeee you. You can just stop La De Da ing right now young man. ♥X♥X

    • Samson

      I love you, Mom. With all my heart. Not my logical, practical, philosopher heart. With my my creative, emotional, loving, squishy heart. Forever and always.

  2. Best of luck! I like the idea of being completely unfragmented but haven’t taken it down to just one level yet online, I do find that I spend most of time on one than the other though, but it seems to work out fine so far.

    Focus is definitely the key and when you are focused on one thing, not worrying about the others is important as well.

    • Samson

      Thanks! This has been a journey for me, with lots of different attempts. But I made this decision in a moment of pure clarity. Since then it has felt nothing but right. Fingers crossed and no looking back!


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