The anachronistic mindset


Are you ready for the next “War for Talent in Healthcare?”

Frankly, no.

I have little patience for superficial and inane slogans in general, and no patience for this slogan in particular. (An actual headline for a webinar, in case you’re wondering). In the context of healthcare, there is a jarring dissonance between the term “war” (violence, carnage, and death) and the term “healthcare” (care, compassion, and hope). Such thoughtless and lazy use of concepts marks a thoughtless and lazy mind. Unfortunately, I see it all the time. It just ain’t pretty.

Looking beyond healthcare to Talent Acquisition as a whole, I find this term is increasingly anachronistic and reflective of a tired philosophy, one that pits “us” against “them” in a “battle for supremacy”. Yep, it’s easy to use the terms. Yet false and misleading. And potentially destructive. No one benefits for long from a hostile mindset or a continuous escalation of competition.

A different and more progressive philosophy acknowledges competition but doesn’t attempt to destroy its competitor. In healthcare this philosophy allows for collaboration between talent teams within different companies as everyone seeks solutions for the shortages in nursing, rehab, and other critical skill areas. And this philosophy is not new, just overlooked. Maybe if we give it a new, hip name that will help raise its image. Let’s call it “open networking.”

Now that I’ve coined the term, tell me, what does it mean to you?


Thank you for your input

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