In simplicity is beauty


Since I was a kid I have loved Nova. It appeals to the pocket protector part of my personality. Last night I watched an episode on Hulu (why yes, I do get my TV through the internets; ask me how) where a team of scientists tried to figure out how the ancient Egyptians raised obelisks that were carved from a single piece of granite, were up to 100 feet tall, and weighed up to 500 tons.

There were two schools of thought: one simple, one complex. The complex relied on timber frames, hundreds of feet of rope, intricate knots, more than a hundred laborers, and trigonometry. The simple relied on about a dozen people, some rope, a pile of sand, a few simple calculations, and patience.

The complex project was a frustrating, demoralizing failure.

The simple project worked. Beautifully.

Simple works.


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