Journal Entry 2


Went for a trail run again today. I’m finding a beautiful emotional release in the solitude the forest, with only the sound of my breathing and and my footfalls to disturb the quiet. Well, not complete solitude. Maggie pants along with me. And I find comfort in her companionship. And joy in her happiness at being outside and free from any constraints. Maybe she is my metaphor.

I have a book and a short story in my head. I’m wondering which to do first. The book is actually 50% on paper. The short story is notes and scribbled ideas. They are two totally different genres that require to totally different parts of my brain. And both are clamoring loudly for my attention. I think I’ll ask my soon-to-be writing group what they think.

Had and incredible conversation with a friend who was more of an acquaintance from high school. Forrest was up in Seattle visiting his brother for Christmas, so I asked him if he wanted to go out for a cup of coffee. It kind of felt like I was asking him on a date. I got all nervous. Would he like me? Would he like the coffeehouse I’d chosen? And at the same time I had to remind myself not to play to rough with him in the intellectual sandbox.

Of course, I didn’t have to concern myself with any one of these things. Sometimes I think I overthink things.

We spent an hour and a half talking politics, economics, and philosophy. Turns out he works for the DOE in their biofuels division. He’s currently working on a cellulosic biofuel for use in NASCAR engines. I told him about my dad’s ethanol company in the ’80s. I also told him about my mom’s libertarian streak and her brushes with the law. He said he would love to meet my mom some day; they probably had a lot in common. I told him he should meet her. She’s an inspiration.

I told him about my views on healthcare reform and the role of government and the danger of corporations and lobbyists. He’s running for congress in 2012. I told him good luck. I hope he can effect change, but I’m a realist.

If I had a little extra time, I’d read all the books people had recommended to me in the past few years, like the Black Swan. I’d also re-read my philosophy books, and I’d probably check some others out of the library. I think I’m going to stop watching all tv for a while. Forrest has been without a tv for 9 years. I like that. There’s too much good stuff to read to waste time watching tv.


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