Think Different


I just got back from a night over at a friend’s place. As the kids played we got into interesting conversations about telepathy, mind over matter, determinism, transcendentalism, and other fascinating topics. More fascinating, though, was how we interacted, because I’m a skeptic and an empiricist at heart.

Gina is not. She’s a witch. The good kind. But she believes certain things about the mind and it’s effect on the external world that I find implausible at best.

As we discussed our differences I realized two things: 1) I LOVE these kinds of conversations, and 2) I could have these kinds of conversations because I’m not trying to be right. Throughout the conversation I saw several opportunities to crush Gina’s beliefs with the weighty hammer of logic…but I didn’t. Because that would have ended the discussion. Bye bye. Done.

And I was enjoying the discussion. Besides, “truth” has a funny way of shifting its position just when I think I’ve got it pegged.


3 thoughts on “Think Different

    • Samson

      That would be awesome! I’ll bet your metaphysical skillz would leave my head spinning. Of course, it would be your skillz, not the six shots of Jack…

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