Bittersweet Pride


Logan and Kaia just spent 10 minutes reading me The Cat in the Hat. Kaia, who I’m beginning to think has a photographic memory or damn close, performed a near-verbatim recitation of Sam’s lines, while Logan, who is six, read through the Grinch’s (they call him) lines with amazing quickness and accuracy. I was incredibly impressed.

And a little heartbroken.


2 thoughts on “Bittersweet Pride

  1. First time here. One of my resolutions is to find new blogs to read. I am always amazed at the wonderful people I come across. My kid is 5 and starting to read and spell and it is weird b/c now I can’t have a conversation in front of her that I don’t want her to hear b/c she knows exactly what it is I am spelling. Argh! LOL

    Happy New Year

    • Samson

      Hi Jessica and welcome! It’s incredible how many interesting bloggers there are, isn’t it?

      My wife and I are totally having to watch what we say now! And the scary thing is that we know how much more the kids are listening to without responding. I may as well accept that they’re going to be permanently warped.

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