Alpha state


Okay, I never thought that listening to a talk show would incapacitate me, but it just happened in the meat and cheese section at the local Safeway in Renton.

As I walked into the store I started a podcast about Virtue. Almost immediately I was wandering down the hair care aisle with dialated eyes and a blank look. I kept trying to remember what I’d come in for as the group discussed the origins of virtue ethics. Then, when Aristotle’s name came up, I got lightheaded and had to lean on the island that held the refrigerated chicken. I kept going into an alpha state, trying to follow the abstract ideas while also trying to simultaneously process pragmatic information like the fact that I needed a sandwich. The two states do not mix well.

I walked out with a loaf of bread and a pitifully poor understanding of what the hell a virtue really is. Damn, I LOVE philosophy!


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