The proof in the pudding


As far as I’m concerned, this beautiful graphic from NYT puts paid to the idea that conservative economic philosophy is in ANY WAY good for our country.

“Experts” can talk in circles all they want about “trickle-down economics,” “tax-and-spend liberals,” or offering “capital gains tax breaks to stimulate the economy.” To me, after seeing this, it all sounds like “wa, w-wa, w-wawawa.”

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2 thoughts on “The proof in the pudding

  1. Samson

    Whether or not the NYT is biased is irrelevant in this case. That’s like saying that the fact that the Phillies won 4-3 doesn’t matter as much because ESPN is biased in their favor. Those givens you mentioned are important, but the raw difference is startling. Note that even without Hoover, the returns under Democrats are 6 times greater. That’s big. Way big. I would LOVE a deeper look at this.

    I’d love to have some true independents, too. Actually, I’d love to see a no-party system. That won’t happen, so I’d settle for 4-6 viable parties. There is strength in diversity. I’m tired of compromising and making excuses for bad behavior.

  2. hoser

    Certainly an interesting chart. But looses it’s luster when you consider that it came from the NYT (extremely biased newspaper). What about inflation, or war time, or international affairs, droughts, gas shortage scares, and other factors/considerations? A thorough report would be a lot more interesting… but would still be an open conclusion, as there are endless factors to include. Hoover really seems like a bad guy… but then again it WAS the famous, Great Depression. We do know however, that Bush and Nixon are worthless… so i’ll give you those 2 morons. When can we get a decent ‘independent’ candidate in office? Thats what I want…

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