I’m the worst blog buddy ever


Seriously. I have, like, 34 unread posts from those people I’ve decided are definitely worth reading whenever they post. They are (in an order only I can discern):

But I haven’t read you in a LONG time.

It’s not my fault, really. I’ve been VERY b/i (busy/important) with work. Oh, and I recently downloaded NetNewsWire, an RSS feed aggregator.

Oh. OH!

Holy shit, I’m in trouble. I’ve subscribed to about 60 different feeds at this point, and I’ve already created folders with titles like



Friends (that’s you!)

News (yeah, trouble)

Politics (totally losing my eyesight now)

Technology (it’s all over)

which equals a daily aggregated total of about 500+ posts.


So I just want to say, I really, really do enjoy reading all of you, my growing list of awesomebloggers. I just really, really need to STOP being so intellectually whorish.

But, honestly, I won’t change. I’ve come to enjoy it. You’ll have to accept me as I am. Not that you’ll miss me, because, well, I haven’t been by recently.

Oh, and I’m getting a divorce. As long as I get to keep the laptop, it’s all good.


One thought on “I’m the worst blog buddy ever

  1. i don’t care if you read me as long as you leave comments. they can be comments about anything. random comments.

    but i’ve been totally funny lately (except the most recent one where i lamented about being depressed and possibly crazy) and i had a contest (you didn’t win), and if you visit my blog you can read all about the rofl awards for september. if you write a funny post, i might just nominate you.

    and are you seriously getting a divorce? i will have to talk to katrina about this. and there was something–OH! your comments… why can’t i see everyone’s comments on your posts?

    funny thing that just happened. my sister IMd me to ask if we needed reservations for tonight. she said she needed a final head cunt.

    true story.

    now that’s going to get into our daily conversations and we’re going to use it at a funeral or easter or something in front of grandma.

    the. end.

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