Man love


I see Scott at the gym almost every day.

He is impressed with my arms.

So he tells me.

I make a joke about bees and swelling.

We laugh self-consciously.

I tell him I believe his shoulders are getting broader.

He says he’s trying to keep up with me.

We laugh.

We cough.

We say nice to see you, have a good day, talk to you later

I wonder if all straight men are this uncomfortable with admiration from another man, or if I’m just plain uncomfortable with admiration. Maybe I’m just uncomfortable. It could be the swelling from the bees.


2 thoughts on “Man love

  1. ummmm… why didn’t i see this before? that’s AWESOME!! i would LOVE to see you manmired. get it? admired? but by a man?

    HAHAHA!! manmired!!

    has he seen your myspace pictures? you have them on your phone, right? around your neck?

    i heart you.

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