Not enough of a good thing


Okay, as Yo pointed out in her comment on my last post, people who are LOOKING for a job don’t want to see the cheap stuff. They want the slick, professional ad copy.

And here is where you spend your ad money.

BUT! Do NOT let the ad agency oversell your company. Seriously. The candidate’s will KNOW if you’re lying.

Let’s pretend I’m a candidate:

Lalalalala, just googling jobs at work…oh, what’s this? An ad for Initech? Wow, they really have a great place! I’d LOVE to work there. I think I might apply.

THEN I google the company again, this time looking for all the problems with it. I check out blogs, I chat with current employees, and I find out that, in the REAL WORLD, Initech looks very little like the ad claims. And I MIGHT have considered working there if I knew the truth beforehand, but now I’m totally DISAPPOINTED. My expectations—built up by the ad—have not been met. So maybe I won’t apply.

Now this job at Microsoft…


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