Bouldering = bonding


So…a little background: before the kids came along I was really getting into climbing. My friend David and I were climbing at Crux, the local indoor gym, once or twice a week. I got to the point where I was leading on overhead routes. Then…life. And I had to take a long break.

Well, the break is over. I’ve been bitten by the climbing bug again, and it’s bad.

On a whim, I took the kids to Bishop’s Peak to do a little bouldering on the sweet granite blocks at the base of the peak. It’s the first time I’ve taken the kids specifically to go climbing outside.

It was incredible.

The smell of granite and earth is intoxicating!

It felt SO good to grip the cool rock again, to stretch my muscles and my mind as I tried to solve some tricky little problems.

And it was simultaneously disheartening to feel how weak I was—my grip was puny! And by the end I couldn’t straighten my fingers…a sure sign that I haven’t done REAL rock in too way long. Kaia and Logan, on the other hand, had no trouble whatsoever. Wheresoever they wanted to go, and howsoever they wanted to get there, they simply went. I was amazed at their grace and skill.

We’ll be doing this a LOT more often. I’m already envisioning trips to Joshua Tree and Fontainebleau.

my little mountain goat

i did it, daddy!

razor-sharp concentration...

a natural in the making


kudos to the great cameraman!


2 thoughts on “Bouldering = bonding

  1. Samson

    OMG, you’ve never been outside? Stop what you’re doing, stop EVERYTHING and go climb a rock outside. Then you’ll see the indoor stuff for what it is: what you do when you can’t go outside.

    Seriously. Go now.

  2. i heart indoor climbing. vertical hold, if you’re ever in san diego. i’ve never gone outdoor climbing. the spawns are cute.

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