Some candidates aren't interested in the best


I’ve been having an exchange with Amy that goes something like this:

  • Me: This place is GREAT. You’ll love the people here.
  • Amy: Hmmmm…yes. And I see in the profile that they’re very innovative.
  • Me: Yes, it’s GREAT. Their commitment to their patients, sorry, “residents,” and their employees really sets this place apart.
  • Amy: You know, it sounds great, but I’m comfortable where I am and it’s a bit too far to commute.
  • Me: But it’s 10 miles away.
  • Amy: Yes, but gas is very expensive.
  • Me: I see. Okay, so what’s the real reason?
  • Amy: Well…I don’t like all this innovation and everything. I don’t want to have to learn a whole bunch of new things. I’m too old for all that.
  • Me: Right. Sure. Well, have fun doing exactly the same thing for the rest of your life.

I may have embellished that last line. Or the whole exchange. The point is, who says they don’t want to try new things, or, worse, BETTER things?

Maybe she’s really just cynical: she’s heard pitches like mine before and she knows better. But I think not. She probably just really does like getting up, eating her Cheerios, going to work, doing her mindless routine, coming home, eating her Stouffer’s, watching TV, and going to bed. Every day. For the rest of her life

Oh joy. Oh rapture.


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