The function of writing publicly


So…what is the purpose of this blog? Who’s my audience? What am I trying to accomplish by writing in it? How much should I censor my thoughts? Is this just an ego trip or am I searching for some fundamental truth, seeking to express my thoughts in an easily accessible way?

Is this just a waste of time and energy? Does that even matter? What does matter? Why do I feel compelled to write my thoughts down for others to see? Do I think I’m smart? Do I think I have something to offer, something unique? Or maybe something imminently relatable? Do I want to be a hero or a villain? Or should I demonstrate that I’m both? Is this a memior or a diary? Do I want to be controversial? Funny? Liked? Hated? Revered? Understood? Do I want to be Socrates, exhorting and cajoling the masses to love wisdom and knowledge?

Am I seeking immortality? Is this a stone in my pyramid?

Do you care? Do I?


2 thoughts on “The function of writing publicly

  1. holy shit!! i just got

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    NO JOKE!

    from wordpress!! see what i get??!!!

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