Dude, the economy is so deep!


I just read Deep Economy by Bill McKibben. It is my new, official manifesto. I’m carrying it around in my back pocket like I used to carry around Kerouac and Nietzsche; I’m forcing it into people’s hands and telling them they HAVE to read it.

From now on, all my economies will be deep. You should read it. Except maybe Katrina, because she’s already lived it and now she’s allergic to anything even remotely Green.

the book cover. Nifty symbolism, huh?

Oh, and I’m afraid the author is not very cute, so that’s a strike against him. But his writing SOUNDS cute. And smart. Which equals cute. Just read it.


3 thoughts on “Dude, the economy is so deep!

  1. Katrina

    Sounding cute and being cute are VERY close… especially when you have a textual relationship in any sense.

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