Threat Level Fuscia


DHS | Homeland Security Advisory System.jpg

I’ve been sitting in SFO on a two hour layover, listening to the safety girl’s voice repeating this refrain:

Attention, we are currently at Homeland Security Threat Level (and yes, you can hear the capitals in her voice) Orange. Please help us maintain a secure environment by carefully controlling your luggage and reporting any suspicious activity to airport security immediately. Thank you.

Since I’ve traveled a lot lately, I’ve heard this announcement repeated countless times in various local forms, but one thing stays the same: we are ALWAYS in Threat Level Orange. Which is one away from RED, which is the one that means “cover your head and grab your ass, because you’re about to get screwed.”

We have been Orange since June 16, 2007. There hasn’t been a single credible threat that entire time.

So…my questions is, when do threat levels become irrelevant? How about now? I mean, seriously people, let me pack a frickin’ normal-sized bottle of shampoo.

Which reminds me, the reasoning behind the 3 oz. restriction (because you can’t make a big enough bomb with 3 oz.) is invalid. Even in laboratory conditions, they can’t make the liquid explosives explode. And they think someone flying in the Economy section is going to have the tools and the S P A C E ? Puhleeze.


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