Original gangstas


So my friend recently got screwed by an unscrupulous recruiter. And not just “take a job down the street” screwed. No, he got “move to Arkansas with his entire life in a uhaul” screwed.

This makes me think of the “old school” recruiters I know. The ones who strongly resemble used car salesman.

“I’m not kidding you, this is the BEST job you’ll EVER have. Seriously. And between you and me, I’ve got two other candidates who are more qualified than you in the pipe. But I like you and I want to see you get the job.”

Seriously, who falls for that? Almost everyone. It’s the same reason you bought the 1985 Ford Fiesta with the peeling paint and the brakes that grind a little. Old school recruiters know how to trigger the fear response like nobody’s business. They are masters of manipulating all our negative responses.

And they generate a LOT of hires. Which is great. Except for the fact that they don’t necessarily generate the RIGHT hires. I have to wonder (because I don’t KNOW) what the retention rate is for hires generated by the OG crowd. I’m betting it’s crap.

After about a month my friend said to hell with the job and with Arkansas and he moved home. He’s now digging himself out of about $10,000 of debt from the moves and feeling very bitter. Plus, he is now acting like a virus, spreading his vitriol among his friends and acquaintances. So not only did the company’s retention rate take a hit, its word-of-mouth reputation did, too.

Companies, especially small ones, cannot afford this kind of negative advertising. Today, any serious job hunter will google the company. And they will find rants like my friend’s. And they will look for a different company.

Next blog: The importance of honesty in recruiting or: if the buyer wants a Cadillac, don’t sell them a Ford Fiesta.


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