Attractive people are hot


Jessica Jones posted an interesting (if not innovative) question on Linkedin:

Do beautiful women have a harder time in the workplace than their less desirable counterparts?

Does a woman with a nice body but average face have it harder or easier than say a woman with an average body but nice face?

Do women with long hair make more money than women with short hair?

While wearing tight fitting apparel will certainly draw attention, do women who dress provocatively make more money?

So this is what I said:

Attractive people are hot

From what I’ve seen (and psychological studies will back this up), attractive people have a far easier time of it than unattractive people. We automatically assume they’re intelligent (blonds excepted), successful, and powerful. And then there’s the simple biology of desire. It sucks for ugly people but it’s the brutal truth.

But it can be taken too far. Dressing professionally will generate respect; dressing provocatively (read: slutty) will generate offers for sex.

Of course, if we know how our base desires and emotive presumptions drive our decision making process we can mitigate our responses and make more rational choices.

Yeah, right.

I’ve found that there is a directly proportional relationship between attractiveness and intelligence. To whit:

  • The uglier you are, the smarter you need to be
  • It’s a good thing I’m cute(ish).


    2 thoughts on “Attractive people are hot

    1. Gia

      Lol.. I totally saw that you answered this question and giggled to myself. A very busy and important business owner once told me, “Gia, you’ll go far. Not just because you are a smart girl, which you are, but also because you are pretty, and that is very important.” Pretty and smart.. I try to trick people into thinking I’m both…. sometimes you really have to drill it into their heads with jedi mind tricks and the like but I think you are right. I know that’s the only reason why YOU’VE succeeded…. haha.

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