I’m a Eurasiatic


Fareed Zakaria says this in his shiny new book The Post-American World:

Americans may admire beauty, but they are truly dazzled by bigness…. Europeans prefer complexity, the Japanese revere minimalism. But Americans like size, preferably supersize.

Okay, so I am decidedly NOT American. Which makes me wonder about where my parents are really from. Maybe I’m adopted? Because my brother loves supersized. Me, however, I prefer complexity, and I love minimalism.

Is that even really possible? Can something be complex and minimal? What is that? Minimally complex? Complexly minimalistic? Minimalisitically complexificated?

Whatever. I know I like my arguments, my furniture, my friends, and my worldviews complex, and I like my technology, my clothing, my relationships, and my finances beautifully streamlined and simple.

Maybe this is why my dream home is a straw bale Japanese Mexi-Mediterranean adobe fusion. I’m drawing the plans up right now.


Thank you for your input

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