A little color for recruitment jargon


Okay, I was reading one of my favoritist friends’ posts about the colorful jargon of her new profession and I got jealous. Recruiting just doesn’t have cool terms like that. In fact, most of our terms are economic or even manufacturing-related:

  • Talent Supply Chain
  • Candidate Funnel
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Sourcing Streams

I get it, in order to cultivate credibility we have clothed ourselves in borrowed duds from “respectable” and “efficient” industries. Money and Measurabillity, the gods we bow to.

But there’s no FUN in those terms. I want to create terms that are playful and irreverent, like the particle physicists do with their left-handed muons and their green gluons. I mean, who says we have to continue to seek respectability? I think we’re pretty well-established as a vital and necessary part of the modern company. So let’s have some fun.

What about movie references? We could say that particularly tough interviewers are Dirty Harrys. Or that our recruitment process is a Tuesdays with Morrie—you know, beautiful until the end. Maybe our advertising is a bit too Devil Wears Prada.

Or we could make references to the natural world. Something like,

Did you get the fox through the rabbithole today?

No, it’s been a total slug; all the willows are weeping.

The added benefit, of course, is that only six people in the entire world will actually know what we’re talking about. We’ll SOUND so smart and FEEL so exclusive. We won’t have to borrow another industries terms because we’ll have our own. It’ll be great.


One thought on “A little color for recruitment jargon

  1. Gia

    You know… I think as long as we have lots of abbreviations and acronyms it’ll be fine. But I do love a good theme sometimes, I will work on natural world references.

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