Beating defenseless dead horses


I asked one question: “Have we been able to get Sylvia’s access to the ATS fixed?”

42 emails later (with the list of recipients growing each time) the answer is “no.” Why? Because they can’t afford it. Because the ATS is still a POS. Because that’s how they’ve always done it. Becausebecausebecause. I love that word. If we break it down into its constituent parts we have be.cause. So maybe instead of saying because something is a certain way the process is broken, people can be the cause of change and fix the process. I love it: a saying that’s effective AND catchy in that inane self-help kind of way.

So, how DO you create a standardized, scalable process when the resources and the technology won’t support it?

No idea.

But that’s not because I think the issue is irreparable, it’s just because I have no clue where to start. I’m banking on some of my fellow pilot teammates to step up and be the cause.


Thank you for your input

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