The art, on communicating, the communication


I have to say, I’m a bit embarrassed for ERE (yes, the organization whose qualities I extoll on the blogroll). I recently received this mailer from them. It’s very pretty; all glossy and colorful. A bit too busy for my taste, but it makes a decent presentation.

Then there are the bullets on the left side.

These ones.

One word: Editor.

Does it seem like I’m being a tad overly critical? Maybe? Kinda don’t care. Maybe if the issues weren’t on the front page. In bold. And color. But they are, and the glaring mistakes distract from the quality of the rest of the piece. Worse, the errors nullify a great deal of the effort the team put in to creating the mailer. And I’m sure the fine folks who share the front page with the errors aren’t too happy either. Ignorance by association, you know. Although I still think ERE is great. That’s why they remain on my blogroll.

It’s when I see mistakes like this that I’m reminded of the importance of good writing skills. From now on I’ll have Gia proof my posts. She’s a girl genius.


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