Apparently, I hunt heads.


That’s three times now when I’ve tried to explain to people what I do that I’ve gotten the response “Oh, you’re a headhunter.”

A headhunter? You mean, like the guys with bones through their noses on the Jungle Cruise? Or maybe I’m some anime anti-hero employed by a nameless corporation to eliminate the competition. Very cloak-and-dagger. Actually, that’s pretty close, isn’t it? If I’m a headhunter (in the recruiting sense) then I’m part of some nefarious shadow group employed by one corporation to steal another corporation’s best employees. Call it corporate espionage: you’d be half right.

Only that’s not what I do. And that’s not what most people in recruitment do. But that IS the perception many in the non-recruiting world have of recruitment.

So then I go into this long explanation of how I help companies attract and retain the best blah blah blah…

To hell with it. I’m a headhunter.


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