A problem with women in sports


I’m coaching my son’s soccer team again this year. Last night I went to the first coaches’ meeting of the season. There were about 25 coaches there.

Five were women.

Some of the men are coaching two or even three teams. Clear indication that more coaches are needed and that there is ample opportunity for more women to volunteer.

I coached my wife’s all-women roller derby team for two years. There are five teams in the league. At one point they were all coached by men.

What. The. Hell?

When I first coached soccer more than 20 years ago in California this gender division existed. Why does it still exist? I have ideas—they encompass personal, cultural, and social dimensions—but I don’t think they’re sufficient enough to be an answer. I don’t think any answer is sufficient. I do know that both genders are responsible.



“Blah, blah, blah, inspirational stuff, blah, blah, deep stuff, blargh.”

I’ve just decided that my words here will reflect my whole person—the dark, contrarian, paradoxical, all of me. The nature poet, the death metal songwriter, the short storyist, the undisciplined novelist, the dad, husband, lover, dreamer, wanter, needer, hater, photographer, pornographer, philosopher, pugilist pacifist, fasttalker.

Because just presenting the shiny side is inauthentic. And boring. Not a fan of boring, really. More a fan of the real, the possible, the improbable, and the unknown.